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Track Attendance Perfectly with the High Tech Time Attendance Machine

Whether you have a small business or a large organisation you must need to track out attendance of your employees as well as to stop unusual activities of timings. There are very high techs machines which make your data correct in a quick time and also maintain the record for over a time. It also improves the transparency in the system without any extra efforts. A business or office can choose an attendance machine according to their requirements in terms of number of employees, large data backup and power backup too. There are many types of time attendance machines that could help you to maintain your monthly records.

Finger Print Attendance Machine: These types of devices are uses as access control and attendance system. It also called biometric devices and have the ability to recognise employees by using their unique bio characteristics like finger and palm. It ensures that no one can use fake entry into employee system and preventing time theft. Most of organisations using fingerprinting attendance machine due to its easy use and high reliability and make secure every entry. It use finger and thumb impression to recognise unique identity by placing on the machine and record in and out of an employee and create error free data records that can be use any time within a quick time.

Card Base Attendance Machine: It can be used as attendance as well as access control system. Card system uses special unique bar codes for every employee to detect in and out times. Bar codes are generated using some special technique and inserted within the card with all the other information of the employee. This device can be use either a swipe or bar code detection by the machine from a short distance. When this card is swiped by any employee it records all the information of that particular employee with total in and out timings of the day. Organisation can also calculate total working hours of an employee and can generate salary according to the hour’s means it exactly track every second activity and result out best record. The main drawback of card based attendance machine is that one employee can use another one card for fake attendances. So the card based machine is best suited for high authority persons where attendance is not much required but to secure entries of special areas like server room, strategy room, high end meeting.

Face Recognition: It’s a high end attendance recording machine that is uses in big organisation where tracking and security both are necessary. Face Recognition attendance Machine scans face muscles or eyes to generate a unique identity of every employee. This is the best secure device in terms of system entries as well as in and out tracking. An employee needs to put his face or eyes in front of the device and when it matched with the stored information it give access and record the time to the employee.

So, all these three devices are perfectly works in their required system and any one can buy attendance machine according to its business requirements. In this high tech world, don’t use traditional files or registers to record daily attendance of employees. There are many chances that the record books could be theft or burned by some creepy mistake and its costs you to lose all of your data records and at that time you will be the called loser. Just go for latest attendance machines and make your organisation high tech by saving time and also error free data.

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